Hi Everyone, We had a death in the family and orders will be shipping out as normal but with a delay giving us time to grieve and take care of arrangements.  Orders will be shipping out in 5-15 business days instead of our normal 2-5 business days. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and thank you
by Sheri Chase Jones
I love how her Emerald Isle beads look like watercolors and check out her amazing reactions on her Grandeur frit blend beads—WOW!! Grandeur (104 coe Frit Blend) Emerald Isle Bordeaux
by Sheri Chase Jones
Hey everyone, Sheri Chase Jones is graciously letting me share some inspiring photos of her beads using our frit blends.  Check them out! Wild Mulberry Wild Coral (104 coe Frit Blend) Vineyard Vines Tie-Dyed Twilight (retired) Thunderstorm Spring Violet Shrimp Cocktail Sedona Surprise Sea Breeze Robin’s Egg Prism Potpourri Petals Peruvian Violet Northern Lights Mystic River
by Sheri Chase Jones
Lilac Mist Lemon Grass Kiwi Squeeze Kismet Jazzy Jewels Japanese Maple Indian Ocean Himalayan Rose Grasshopper Grapes Galore French Tarragon Firecracker Dynasty Marble Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue Daisy Blooms
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