Frequently Asked Questions

How We Package Our Frit Blends

Packaging is based on weight NOT volume since each frit color weighs differently, depending on the metal oxides it contains. We do our very best to make them accurate but your jars may be + or - from the actual jar size due to some frits weighing more than others. For example, the 1.5oz. that is referred to on our website is the actual weight of the jar INCLUDING the frit.

Our frit blends are packaged in the following sizes: 4oz. Jar, 3.5oz. Refill Bag, 1.5oz. jar and a .5oz. Sample Bag.

A Sample Bag is enough to make several beads. It equates to about one level tablespoon.

You can also create your own 'Small Custom Sampler' (6 jars with 1.5oz. each jar) or 'Large Custom Sampler' (12 jars with 2.4oz. each jar) for greater savings.

COE Compatibility

Our frit blends are made using premium furnace glass (Gaffer, Reichenbach, Zimmerman and Kugler) with a 92-96 (COE) coefficient of expansion.

There are no limitations using them with glass of the same COE but if you are using them with a different COE, then only use our frit blends sparingly following a 5-10% guideline.

It would be to your advantage to test our frit blends with other glass before going into production. FYI... I have used 104 COE glass with my frit blends with success for years.


Our blends are made from premium furnace glass which is 92-96 COE. So, you may use our frit with any other 96 COE glass such as Gaffer, Reichenbach 96, Kugler, or Uroboros. There are no restrictions when using our frit with any glass that is 96 COE.


Our blends can be used sparingly with 90 & 104 COE glass but it's recommended to use no more than 5-10% frit as compared to your bead size to ensure compatibility. Furnace glass has more lead in it which gives it greater elasticity making it adaptable to other COE's. However, when using a base glass other than a 96 COE, limit the amount of frit you apply to about 5-10%.

Moretti/Effetre, Uroboros, Vetrofond & Double Helix clear glasses work very well with both of 96COE & 104COE frit lines but Lauscha clear DOES NOT work!!

If you're using 96 COE base glass then we suggest using Gaffer, Reichenbach, Kugler (K100 - leaded version) or Uroboros clear glass.

The Colors Yellow & Orange

The orange and yellow furnace glass colors do not contain lead, which is what normally makes them more adaptable with the coe difference.

So, if you are working with Moretti/Effetre/Vetrofond (104COE) or Bullseye (90COE), remember to work this color on the surface of your bead, instead of encasing it, to avoid any cracking issues. Also, be mindful of how much you are using. Keep the frit amount between 5%-10% of the total volume of your bead.

FYI...When using Orange with silver foil, it will become black where it comes in contact with the foil. So, unless you want that reaction, I would avoid using silver foil with any frit blends that contain orange.


Devitrification occurs when there is too much heat. If you slightly melt in the frit and then marver the frit down into the warm glass, then melt the rest in smooth, you can usually avoid getting that nasty devitrified effect which results from over heating the frit.

Work the glass cooler, further out in the flame.

Information on Sales & Hot Topics

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Discounted Frit

Yes, if you're a lampwork teacher or author of a tutorial which uses my frit blends for teaching purposes, then contact me for my teacher/author discounted rate. I will supply you with discounted frits for your students.

Some Tutorials that use Glass Diversions Frit Blends

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Daniel Caracus & Jenelle Aubade "Abolone" Silver Foil & Iris Orange (Raku) Rod

Daniel Caracus & Jenelle Aubade "Copper Plum Twist" Silver Foil & Iris Orange (Raku) Rod

Dawn Scannell's "Secrets of Raku Revealed" Iris Orange (Raku) Frit

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