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Frit Testing Photos

As a child, Lori could always be found drawing, crafting, reading or singing—sometimes even attempting all of them at once!

After earning a B.A. in Visual Art, which gained her skills with a variety of other creative mediums, she began her professional career as a graphic designer.

When her children came along, she fell in love with mixed-media scrapbooking and soon became a full-time freelance designer, writer, and educator in the Craft & Hobby industry. She has over 400 projects and articles that have been featured in publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, Bead Star, Sommerset Studio and Bead Design Studio and is the author of “Creative Painting for Scrapbookers.”

During a trade show visit about 7 years ago, she discovered a booth demonstrating glass bead making and a new passion was instantly formed! She began to focus her creative energies on creating her own unique beads and jewelry designs, heavily inspired by her love of nature.

Today, she can be found happily torching away in her studio or at local craft shows in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.



Dawn Ceccacci is lampwork artist who lives in Howell, Michigan. In 1999, she started making jewelry as a hobby and discovered lampwork beads. Dawn loved how glass beads felt on her wrist and she knew she just had to try to make them. She has been playing with fire ever since.

Her work has been published in Step By Step Beads, The Flow Bead & Jewelry 2, Bead Review 2, 1000 Jewelry Inspirations, The Flow Magazine, The Ladybug Star and the Jesters Hat, Hot Glass for Cool Kids and Glass Bead Evolution.

Dawn loves to make beads for Beads of Courage. She was very excited that her bead was chosen to represent BOC on NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavor.

Dawn loves to share her knowledge and passion for glass by teaching private lampwork classes in her home studio. Her artwork can be found online at and at local museums and galleries in Michigan.


Pendragonfyre Tales

I am honoured to be a member of the Glass Diversions glass frit testing team!

From the time I could walk and talk, I wanted to create beautiful things. Stringing seed beads on fishing line to creating designs with beads on my elementary schoolbag, I have always played with colour and texture in art. Self taught as a bridal designer, I created limited edition hand-beaded gowns with an excess of 100, 000 beads among the lace and silk of each gown. Inspired by medieval and Tudor England, my favorite designs were historical in nature and created using old world craftsmanship.

While on a family vacation in British Columbia in 2006, I thought it would be fun to take a beginner's lampworking class and from my first completed bead, I was hooked. Although mainly self taught, it has been the guidance and instruction of the lampworking community throughout the world, with their generosity and knowledge that inspire me to experiment and refine my skills.

My true passion has always been to satisfy the creative urges within, whether that be in my daytime IT role or my lampworking art. Residing in the Berry Mills community, just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick, I have 2 grown children and a wonderful husband. At times my friends wonder how I manage to find time to explore and develop my talents. I tell them that I have always felt that the very core of me was not satisfied unless I could pursue my love of art and all things creative.

There are infinite possibilities with glass - shape, color, inclusions, surface treatments... all these make my palette limitless, and the idea of making something so timeless, yet so practical appeals to me. It is exciting to know people are using my creations to incorporate into their own designs. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the ripples continue to radiate outward ---those designers sell their creations, the person buying the piece may be giving it to their mother or sister or friend, and it may not stop there!

Kathie Khaladkar

Good Omen Designs

My artistic and creative side started with many fields of interest. Some of these interests include sewing, needlepoint, quilting, ceramics, stained glass and beading.

I became interested in seed beading while attending a Japanese silk & metal needlepoint class where they were also teaching peyote stitch and making amulet bags.

Wanting to incorporate all the lovely lampwork beads into my seed bead creations, but unable to afford to purchase all that I loved, I took a lampworking class and a love affair was born.

From this passion Good Omen Designs was created. I am always striving to learn from many of the artists in this and other fields. Some of the artists that I have taken classes with are: Astrid Riedel, Hayley Tsang, Michael Barley, Kristina Logan, Shari Sislonski, Kristen Frantzen Orr, Brad Pearson, Lisa St.Martin, Kate Fowle Meleny, Lydia Muell, Holly Cooper and Sarah Hornik.



In 1999, I became a transplanted American. We live in a very small town in west central Germany, not too far from Düsseldorf and only about 10 minutes from the Dutch border.

My journey into the wonderful world of glass started in June, 2006 with "Passing the Flame" and other publications in hand, a lit torch, and a sampler pack of Effetre rods. I have taken a couple of seminars by well-known lampwork artists, but I find I am better suited to reading tutorials or trying techniques on my own - more of an “adventure”.

My main focus is organic beads, but more specifically, beads dealing with our universe including planets, stars, nebulas, our moon, etc. They give me the most pleasure to make. All outer space themed beads are dedicated to Dr. Carl Sagan and his wife, Anne Druyan.

My work has been featured in “Making Jewelry” magazine, tutorials by Jewelry Designer, Sylvia White (, and magazine and book features by Jewelry Designer, Kenji ( German Jewelry Designer, Tanja Paulus, published three “Faszination Draht” books. “Faszination Draht” translates to “Fascinating Wire”. These books deal with wire wrapping techniques and my beads and focals were featured in her 2nd and 3rd editions.

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